Resilience & Wellbeing


Stretched or stressed?

Work seems to be reaching into every corner of our lives – the boundaries that once easily separated the workplace from home are all too permeable. The time and energy our work demands of us can feel unmanageable, whether that’s from the pressure to perform and compete, from the challenge of meeting the demands of customers and clients, or from facing the consequences of complex, highly-charged decisions.

Over time, soaking up that kind of pressure can take its toll on our physical and psychological health, and we can find ourselves sacrificing some of the things that matter most to us just to get by.

What does it take to develop resilience?

We take a “whole person” approach to resilience – building our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual resources, so that we’re in the best shape possible to deal with the challenges we face. We know that athletes and performers couldn’t succeed without devoting time to developing their physical and mental fitness: we think in organisational life we need a similar mindset, taking seriously the stamina our jobs require from us, and investing the time and effort to be ready for the demands of our daily lives. And in so doing, we can hope not just to survive, but to learn and grow from what life throws at us.

Learning about resilience

We’ve developed an innovative, cost-effective learning programme that blends compact face-to-face events with self-managed learning modules to provide a comprehensive psychological wellbeing curriculum. The programme is designed to run over a two-month period, allowing people to develop and embed new healthy habits of resilience:

Like to know more?

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