Leadership Essentials


How can someone tell they are being led by you?

If you want to make a positive difference to the way people work, what can you do tomorrow afternoon that will help? Without a clear answer, it’s all too easy to get caught up in a flurry of activity that keeps you busy – but is it the right sort of busy? We've developed a simple process to help you identify leadership behaviours that make a tangible difference to those you lead.

Think about the opportunities you have to influence others, in team meetings, in 1:1s, in a conversation as you pause at a desk, as you pass someone in the corridor – how can you make best use of those moments?

Leadership Essentials are straightforward descriptions of how you can focus your time and energy to do just that. We think Leadership Essentials can help you concentrate on what adds value to your team, helping them be focused, motivated, and effective.

Identifying your Leadership Essentials

What works for you and your organisation might be different from what works elsewhere. We’ll help you collect examples of when your organisation has been at its best, bringing together a cross-section of people to share their stories of success. Using these stories we can help you discover the contribution that leadership has been making to helping people excel – which can be distilled into Leadership Essentials.

For example, for one organisation these included “helping others see how their day-to-day work contributes to the organisation’s goals.” Keeping this front of mind can then make a difference to the kind of conversations you have with the staff you lead.

Keeping it simple

Many of the leadership frameworks in use in organisations can run to over a hundred descriptions of behaviours that leaders are meant to exhibit – far too many to be a practical, everyday guide. Keeping to a limited number of Leadership Essentials – few enough to fit on a postcard above your desk – makes it more likely that they’ll be a practical tool in shaping how you use your day. And Leadership Essentials can form the basis of a simple 360° feedback exercise, in which your colleagues are asked to give examples of your strengths, and ideas for how you can develop.

Like to know more?

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