As a busy leader, how do you best focus your time and energy? How easy is it to translate everything you read about leadership into an agenda for your day? Leadership Essentials are straightforward descriptions of behaviours that can make a tangible difference to the people you lead.


How do you boost the motivation, performance, and engagement of people at work? Focusing on individual ability won’t be enough – you’ll need to develop an organisational culture that supports high performance. And we have a process to help you do just that.


When disagreements at work interfere with morale and performance, managers can usually do what’s necessary to refocus people on a professional approach to their work relationships. When everyday disagreements turn into intractable disputes, it can help to bring in an impartial mediator.


How much of the time that you spend in meetings feels productive? Sitting in meetings can often sap our energy, as our time gets eaten up with little to show for it. We have a set of tools to help you have concise conversations that reach a conclusion.


How much time out do you get to reflect on what really matters to you at work? Or to focus on what you can do to develop your strengths and tackle your weaknesses? A coaching conversation gives you the headspace to think creatively about your development.


How do you keep on top of the many demands on your time and energy? How can you be successful in a way that’s satisfying and sustainable? We’ve developed an innovative programme to help you build your resilience.


Developing strong relationships with business clients doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If relationships are central to your organisation’s strategy for business development, we can help your people develop those skills.


Organisations and partnerships between organisations are about achieving more together than we could alone. Despite that intention, people can find themselves competing rather than co-operating. We can help you and your people collaborate across organisational boundaries – to work without walls.